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Soup in Georgian

  Ingredients: dry white wine 1/2 cup ground nutmeg 1 pinch sausages 1-2 pieces suluguni 50 grams cabbage 400 grams Beef pulp 250 grams salt to taste   Cooking method: Georgian meat cover with cold water for cooking soup (5 cups) and cook at low boil until tender, then remove the meat and strain broth. [Continue]

Sour cabbage soup with beans

  Ingredients: sauerkraut 125 grams beans 30 grams carrots 1/2 pieces onion 1/2 pieces tomato puree 1 h. a spoon flour 1 h. a spoon margarine 1 h. a spoon beef broth 2 cups bay leaf 1 piece parsley 5 grams ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Onions and carrots cut into [Continue]