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Yogurt sauce with cucumber and mint

  About the recipe: Serve this sauce with meat dishes. In the hot season it can also serve as a refreshing snack.   Ingredients: yoghurt 250 milliliters cucumbers 2 pieces dill 3-4 sprigs salt to taste black pepper to taste   Cooking method: 1. Cucumbers are washed, cut into small pieces, lightly salt and leave [Continue]


Ingredients: sour taste garlic taste black pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: The squeeze sour cream 1-2 cloves of garlic, add pepper and salt to taste. Mix everything. Let it brew for half an hour.

The sauce for lamb

About the recipe: Lamb can be cooked with different sauces, which are not only accentuate the taste of the meat, but also give it new shades: with tomato, garlic, soy, sauce, mint and others. And we offer a recipe for sauce for lamb-based broth, cream and white wine, to which spices are added.   Ingredients: [Continue]

Peruvian Sauce

Ingredients: cream cheese to taste onion to taste sunflower oil to taste sour taste salt to taste pepper to taste   Cooking method: Processed cheese cut into pieces, add 2 tablespoons of sunflower oil, and one finely chopped onion. Put in a water bath until completely melted (to better melted, add 2 tbsp. Spoons of [Continue]