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Great sandwich Hungarian

  Ingredients: sprats – 3 pcs. Sausages: Small – 50 g smoked tongue – 50 g of ham – 100 g loaf of wheat – 200 g of Dutch cheese – 50 g butter – 50 g egg boiled – 1 pc.   Cooking method: Baton cut lengthwise into 2 pieces and remove the crumb, [Continue]

Sandwiches with cheese and vegetables

  Ingredients: rye bread 200 grams butter 50 grams cheese 100 grams boiled potatoes 100 grams onions 30 grams egg 1 piece salt to taste ground pepper to taste   Cooking method: Cheese carefully rub, mix with butter, finely chopped onion and grated potatoes. In the resulting mass enter the egg, salt, pepper and mix [Continue]

English sandwich with egg

  Ingredients: loaf of toast 2 pieces mayonnaise 1 st. a spoon cucumbers 1/3 pieces arugula 1 handful boiled egg 1 piece salt to taste freshly ground black pepper to taste   Cucumber cut into thin circles   Boiled eggs finely chopped   Chunks of bread with mayonnaise NB! It can be a little dry [Continue]

Sandwiches with tomatoes

  Ingredients: a loaf of wheat – 1 pc. tomatoes – 3 pieces. cheese – 100 g mayonnaise – 1/2 cup Lemon – 1 pc. dill – 1 bunch   With lemon zest grater erase.   From lemon pulp squeeze the juice. Dill finely chop. Cheese grate.   Lemon juice mixed with zest, mayonnaise, chopped [Continue]

Sandwiches “Dragonfly”

  Ingredients: white bread 4 slices boiled sausage 80 grams sweet red pepper 1 piece olives, pitted 2 pieces canned green peas 2 hours. spoons Canned corn 2 hours. spoons pickled cucumbers 2 pieces dill 2 sprigs mayonnaise 4 Art. spoons   Sausage cut into thin slices. Dill finely chopped, stems aside.   Pepper cut [Continue]

Sandwiches with chicken

  Ingredients: boiled chicken fillet 150 grams Curry powder 1.2 h. spoons almonds 2 Art. spoons sour cream 2 Art. spoons Kiwi 1 piece seedless raisins 1 st. a spoon rolls 2 pieces leaves of lettuce 40 grams ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Chicken fillet cut into thin cubes, rub with [Continue]

Croutons in English

  Ingredients: ground red pepper to taste egg yolks 1 piece butter 2 Art. spoons mustard 2 hours. spoons Beer 4 Art. spoons grated hard cheese 60 grams white bread 4 slices   Cooking method: Melt butter, add cheese, beer, pepper, mustard and stir. Enter the whipped egg yolk, warm, not boiling. The resulting mass [Continue]

Burger “Big Mac” in McDonald’s

Ingredients: buns for hamburgers 1 piece minced 500 grams salad 2 pieces cheese 1 piece onion 1/2 pieces pickled gherkins 4 pieces salt to taste pepper to taste mayonnaise 3 hours. spoons white wine vinegar 1 h. a spoon sugar 1 pinch Powdered paprika 1 pinch mustard 1/2 hours. spoons   Cooking method: When we [Continue]

Simple sandwiches for 5 minutes

Ingredients: bread 5 slices Fruit jam 5 Art. spoons   Cooking method: Jam evenly smear on bread

Sandwich rolls with curry (2)

  Ingredients: loaf 1 piece pulp turkey 400 grams butter 100 grams onion 1 head sweet pepper 1 piece pickled cucumbers 2 pieces garlic 2 cloves Curry powder 1.2 h. spoons basil chopped 2 Art. spoons ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: Pulp turkey fry. After cooling, chop, season with [Continue]