Category: Mushroom soup

Barley soup with mushrooms

  Ingredients: Cream 80 grams onion 100 grams parsley root 40 grams carrots 80 grams White mushrooms, dried 80 grams pearl barley 100 grams vegetable oil 40 grams potatoes 400 grams salt to taste   Cooking method: Dried mushrooms soak for 3-4 hours, then boil in the same water. Broth strain, boil, enter the pearl [Continue]

Mushroom soup with homemade noodles

Ingredients: White mushrooms, dried 1/2 cup water 4 cups onion 1 piece melted butter 1 st. a spoon potatoes 3 pieces parsley 1 beam ground black pepper 1 pinch bay leaf 1 piece salt to taste wheat flour 1 cup water 2 Art. spoons egg 1 piece salt 1 pinch   Cooking method: Dried mushrooms [Continue]