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Soufflé peaches

  Ingredients: ripe peaches – 5 pcs. sugar – 100 g peel grated 1/2 lemon juice and almond bitter – 3 nucleus egg – 3 pcs. potato starch – 3 tbsp. tablespoons dry yeast – 1 teaspoon rum – 1 glass of oil Salt – a pinch   Cooking method: Peaches scald with boiling water, [Continue]

Chocolate mousse

Ingredients: chocolate grated 1 cup Fatty cream 1 cup milk 1/3 cup egg yolks 2 pieces egg whites 1 piece sugar 2 Art. spoons Rum 2 hours. spoons fatty cream 1/2 cup sugar 2 hours. spoons   Cooking method: Whip cream in a mixer lush lather. Chocolate combine with milk, put on a moderate fire [Continue]

Passion fruit mousse

Ingredients: fruit juice 2 egg whites 4 pieces condensed milk 1 Bank cream 1 cup gelatin 1 st. a spoon water 1 cup   Cooking method: Gelatine soaked in cold boiled water, then warm to dissolve and cool. Divorced gelatin Whip in a mixer for 5 minutes with condensed milk, cream and passion fruit juice, [Continue]

Peanut butter mousse without sugar

  Ingredients: peanut butter 2 Art. spoons cream cheese 75 grams thick cream 150 ml chocolate chips 4 Art. spoons   Peanut butter, beat cream cheese (can substitute Greek yoghurt) in a lush lather   Separately, beat the cream until stable peak. We connect the two masses and once again break through a well with [Continue]