Category: Meat and offal

Meat in a spicy sauce

  Ingredients: lamb to taste pork 1 kilo sweet pepper 3 pod hot pepper 2 pod tomatoes 5 pieces onion 3 head Garlic 3-4 cloves vegetable oil 50 grams hops-suneli 1 h. a spoon parsley to taste basil to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: Prepared meat cut into cubes 1 cm thick and [Continue]

Lamb baked with eggplant and tomatoes

  Ingredients: fat sheep’s tail 100 grams onion 2-3 head tomatoes 8 pieces Potatoes 6 pieces eggplant 6 pieces flesh of lamb 1 kilo parsley to taste basil to taste ground pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: Mutton rinse, pat dry. Make punctures in several places, salt and pepper and bake at [Continue]

Beef baked with cheese

  Ingredients: Beef pulp 1 kilogram grated hard cheese 500 grams mayonnaise 500 grams onion 400 grams   Cooking method: Meat cut into thin slices, repel. Place on a baking layer of meat, put on top chopped onion rings, cover it with thin slices of cheese, pour mayonnaise on top. Place in the oven and [Continue]

Chanakhi lamb

  Ingredients: lamb 1 kilo tomatoes 1 kilo Potatoes 700-800 grams onion 200 grams eggplant 6-7 pieces garlic 1 head basil to taste parsley to taste ground pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: At the bottom of the pot batch lay thin slices of fat, meat, eggplant, sliced potatoes and tomatoes, salt, [Continue]

Chakapuli (lamb with tkemali)

  Ingredients: lamb 600 grams green onion 300 grams tarragon 8 sprigs cilantro 8 sprigs dry white wine 1/2 cup tkemali 200 grams Peppers 1 piece ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Mutton is cut into small pieces. Dry frying pan to heat, quickly fry the meat on it, then cover it [Continue]

Chanakhi (meat with vegetables in Georgian)

  About the recipe: Traditionally, this dish is prepared in a low clay pots called vats. It is not difficult to guess that hence the name of the dish. It is best to cook chanakhi portioned in pots, but you can use a large pot. The advantage of this dish is that it is very [Continue]

Doner kebab

  Ingredients: For the pita: Wheat flour 5 cups water 11/2 cups sugar 2 hours. spoons olive oil 2 Art. spoons yeast-speed 2 Art. spoons salt to taste For filling: chicken legs 4 pieces olive oil 2 Art. spoons spices 2 hours. spoons cumin 1/3 hours. spoons sumac 1 pinch tomatoes 2 pieces onion 1 [Continue]

Fondue with beef Oriental

  Ingredients: Beef pulp 750 grams parsley 4-6 sprigs ground ginger 1 h. a spoon beef broth 1/2 liter   Cooking method: Meat spread out on a plate and decorate with parsley. Bring broth to a boil in fondyushnitse, put the ginger in it. Lower the pieces of meat in the broth and cook until [Continue]

Lamb baked in foil

  About the recipe: Lamb baked in foil with potatoes, spicy vegetables and herbs, it turns soft and delicious. Mouth-watering dishes of meat cooked in various countries around the world since ancient times. After all the sheep were domesticated much earlier than cows and pigs: according to legend, it happened in Central Asia about 10 [Continue]

Liver stew (2)

  Ingredients: liver 500 grams onions 2 heads carrot 1 piece celery 1 stalk fat 60 g wheat flour 1 st. a spoon sour cream 250 grams ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: 1. liver slightly repel, and taking with her film, cut into cubes. 2. Carrots grate, chop the [Continue]