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Jelly mandarins (2)

Ingredients: tangerines 1.4 kilograms Sugar 1.8 kilograms Lemons 2 pieces Chestnut 100 grams water 2 cups   Cooking method: Tangerines wash, add water and boil with the skin for 3 minutes. Then peel, rind finely chop. Chestnuts peel and finely chop. Tangerines split in half, remove seeds and grind with broth in a blender. The [Continue]

Strawberry jelly

  About the recipe: Strawberry, or, more precisely, large-fruited strawberry garden – one of the most popular and loved by the people of berries. Delicious, aromatic and also very useful, it matures in the territory of our country among the first. By the way, cultivating the strawberries in Russia first began under Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich [Continue]