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Hungarian lecho (2)

  Ingredients: sweet pepper 1 kilogram onions 2 pieces Fresh tomatoes 6 pieces carrots 2 pieces vegetable oil 100 grams salt to taste ground pepper to taste sugar 1 st. a spoon spice mix to taste   Bulgarian sweet pepper wash. It is advisable to choose a colorful red, green, yellow. This pepper will look [Continue]

Guyyash Soup (Gulyás)

  Ingredients: Beef pulp 360 grams pork fat 80 grams → or vegetable oil 80 grams onion 150 grams Powdered paprika 15 grams salt to taste cumin to taste garlic taste Potatoes 800 grams sweet pepper 140 grams fresh tomatoes 60 grams egg 1 piece wheat flour 80 grams beef broth to taste → or [Continue]

Hungarian soup of spinach

  Ingredients: spinach 500 grams cream 250 ml bacon 150 grams butter 40 grams boiled egg 2 pieces onions 2 pieces flour 3 Art. spoons pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: Cook the spinach until tender, chop up puree using a blender. Peel the onions, chop, fry in butter, add flour. Stir [Continue]

Hungarian goulash soup

  Ingredients: Beef pulp 400 grams carrots 2 pieces onions 2 pieces potatoes 5-6 pieces vegetable oil 3 Art. spoons water 2 liters ketchup 1 piece   Cut the beef into cubes.   Peel the carrots, potatoes and onions. Cut the vegetables into cubes.   Boil 2 liters of water. Separately, pour in the bottom [Continue]

Hungarian Goulash (2)

  Ingredients: beef 1 kilo carrots 2 pieces onions 2 pieces Powdered paprika 2 Art. spoons tomato paste 2 Art. spoons garlic 3 cloves red wine vinegar 4 Art. spoons sweet pepper 2 pieces cherry tomatoes 500 grams water 1.5 liters bay leaves 2 pieces thyme 2 sprigs rosemary 2 sprigs parsley 2 sprigs olive [Continue]

Carp on the Balaton

  Ingredients: Carp 2 pieces onions 2 pieces dill 1 beam mayonnaise 100 grams salt to taste black pepper to taste spices for fish 10 grams   Karpov clean, gut, wash.   Onions cut into rings.   Onion salt. Mix with chopped dill.   The fish with salt and pepper, sprinkle with seasoning to the [Continue]

Pickled cucumbers in Hungarian

Ingredients: salt 1 h. a spoon sugar 2 hours. spoons mustard seed 2.1 h. spoons pepper 5 peas umbrellas dill 1 piece vinegar 9% 50 grammes garlic 1 clove Food is based on 800 g jar.

Bold biscuit with nuts grandmother Monza

  Ingredients: flour 450 grams sugar 450 grams margarine 250 grams milk 200 ml egg yolks 6 pieces egg whites 4 pieces baking powder for the dough 1 bag vanilla sugar 1 gram chopped walnuts 300 grams lemon peel to taste   Cooking method:   The oven is switched on for 170-180 degrees I shape [Continue]

Paprikash with sour cream

  Ingredients: chicken 700 grams onion 4 pieces cream 150-200 grams wheat flour 2-3 Art. spoons bay leaf 1 piece salt to taste pepper to taste Powdered paprika 2 Art. spoons fat melted 2 Art. spoons → or vegetable oil to taste   Peel and chop the onion into cubes.   Warm up in a [Continue]

“Tsygantészta” cake

  Ingredients: eggs 15 pieces flour 9 Art. spoons sugar 15 Art. spoons baking powder for the dough 1 bag cocoa 6 Art. spoons Milk 400 ml flour 4 Art. spoons Cocoa 3 Art. spoons egg yolks 5 pieces butter 450 grams powdered sugar 250 grams Coffee 1 st. a spoon egg whites 5 pieces [Continue]