Category: Hot starters with meat

Rolls of chicken breast

Ingredients: Adygei cheese to taste prunes taste sweet pepper to taste parsley to taste dill to taste basil to taste leeks to taste   Cooking method: Chicken breasts lightly beat off, greens, Adygei cheese, prunes and pepper finely chop and mix. Prepared meat stuff the breasts and turn them into rolls, rolls tie leek and [Continue]


  Ingredients: flesh of mutton 400 grams Wheat flour 250 grams egg 1 piece 100 milliliters of water onion 150 grams 100 grams of sweet pepper 250 grams of tomatoes boiled potatoes 100 grams broth 700 grams   Boiled meat cut into slices. Of flour and water with salt and egg dough is kneaded and [Continue]