Category: Hot snacks with a bird

Chicken with mushrooms in rice paper

Ingredients: chicken breast 300 grams fresh mushrooms 10 pieces onion 1 piece cream 5 Art. spoons salt to taste paprika to taste bread crumbs to taste vegetable oil to taste rice paper to taste   Cooking method: Boil until half the breast. Mushrooms washed, cleaned, cut into small cubes, chop the onion. Onion fry until [Continue]

Golden chicken risotto

Ingredients: sunflower oil – 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter or margarine – 1 tbsp. Spoon leeks – 1 pc. peppers Yellow – 1 pcs. chicken fillet – 3 pcs. Canned corn – 1 jar of peanuts unsalted – 1/2 cup rice parmesan cheese saffron salt pepper broth chicken   Cooking method: Heat the sunflower oil and [Continue]

Chicken with stuffing

Ingredients: chicken – 1 pc. walnuts – 100 g onions – 3 pcs. sugar – 1 tbsp. spoon pepper, salt – to taste pasta (soaked in boiling water) – 2 tbsp. tablespoons raisins yellow – 1 tbsp. a spoon   Cooking method: Bulbs myasorobku pass through directly into the prepared gauze, survive all the juice [Continue]

“Aubergine fan”

  Ingredients: eggplant minced chicken breast onion paprika mushrooms garlic tomato Dutch cheese tomato paste broth salt, pepper   Cooking method: Cut eggplant fan, then because of their fry with 2 sides and spread on a baking fan. Cut the onion, garlic, fry, add the sliced ​​mushrooms, fry, then – bell pepper and cook under [Continue]