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Burger “Big Tasty”

Ingredients: Salad 1 sheet buns for hamburgers 1 piece tomatoes 1/2 pieces onion 1/5 pieces cheese 3 pieces minced beef 200 g salt to taste black pepper to taste mayonnaise 2 hours. spoons mustard 1 h. a spoon BBQ Sauce 3 hours. spoons   Cooking method: Burgers from McDonald’s are very popular, especially the burger [Continue]

Classic American Burger

  Ingredients: onion 1 piece minced beef 500 g Parsley 4 Art. spoons vegetable oil 1 st. a spoon hamburger buns 4 pcs mustard 2 Art. spoons mayonnaise 2 Art. spoons Salad 1/2 pieces tomatoes 2 pieces   Cut the onion in half, chop one half and cut the halves of the second half. Mix [Continue]

Homemade burgers

Ingredients: milk 1 cup flour 3 cups salt 1 gram water 1 Art. a spoon sugar 1 st. a spoon Oil 1 st. a spoon minced to taste tomatoes to taste cheese taste onion to taste lettuce leaves 6 pieces yeast-speed 1 st. a spoon   Prepare the dough for homemade burgers: Milk and water [Continue]


  Ingredients: rolls 3 pieces chicken breast 200 grams fresh tomatoes 150 grams Cheese 100 grams carrot to taste mayonnaise 3 Art. spoons mustard room 3 hours. spoons salt to taste egg 1 piece   1. Clean the rolls of flesh. 2. Make chops chicken breast, baked in the oven, cut into large cubes no. [Continue]

Veggie burger

  Ingredients: buns 4 pcs boiled potatoes 4 pieces vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons grain mustard 1/2 hours. spoons chili 1 pod chopped cilantro 2 Art. spoons lettuce leaves 4 pieces tomatoes 2 pieces salt to taste For the chutney: peanuts 2 Art. spoons sesame seeds 1 st. a spoon coconut 1 st. a spoon [Continue]

Chikenburger “teriyaki”

  Ingredients: hamburger buns 4 pcs minced chicken 300 grams milk 50 grams egg 1 piece onions 2 heads soy sauce 100 grammes tomatoes 1 piece mayonnaise 100 grams lettuce leaves 4 pieces ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Mix the minced chicken, milk, egg, finely chopped onion, salt and pepper.   [Continue]


  Ingredients: hamburger buns 4 pcs fish fillet 300 grams pickled cucumbers 1 piece onion 1 head tomatoes 1 piece olive oil 1 st. a spoon lemon juice 1 h. a spoon mayonnaise 2 Art. spoons lettuce 8 pieces dill 4 sprigs ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Fillet the fish, cut [Continue]

Hamburger steak

  Ingredients: steak 4 pieces hamburger buns 4 pcs hard cheese 4 slices tomatoes 1 piece butter 4 hours. spoons   Buns notch horizontally. Oil the bottom part of the bun.   Lay each slice of tomato, cheese, steak on the grill and place on aerogrill. Place the grill in aerogrill and cook for 10 [Continue]

Homemade burger with a spicy sauce

  Ingredients: minced beef 350 g onion 1 head tomato paste 2 Art. spoons parsley 1 beam bread crumbs 100 grams egg 1 piece buns 4 pcs lettuce leaves 4 pieces black pepper to taste sea ​​salt to taste   For the sauce: olive oil 1 st. a spoon shallots 1 head garlic 1 clove [Continue]

Double burger

  Ingredients: buns for hamburgers 6 pieces minced beef 900 g onion chopped 1 head melted butter 4 Art. spoons tomatoes 4 pieces 3% vinegar 1.2 h. spoons pickled cucumbers 2 pieces mayonnaise 300 grams leaves of lettuce 100 grams ketchup 6 Art. spoons   Cooking method: Minced connect with onions, add 4-6 tablespoons of [Continue]