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  Ingredients: cabbage 1 kilogram beet 300-400 grams celery root with greens 200-300 grams garlic 10 cloves salt 3 Art. spoons burning pepper to taste   Kochan cabbage clean from the upper leaves, wash, cut into 8-10 pieces, remove the stalks. Pieces of cabbage for 5-6 minutes dipped in boiling water, then remove and cool. [Continue]

Red mullet in corn flour


  Ingredients: red mullet 1 kilogram corn flour 4 Art. spoons sunflower oil 4 Art. spoons lemon 1 piece salt to taste   Cooking method: 1. mullet clean, gut, wash. 2. Corn flour salt the, breaded fish whole in it. 3. Fry the fish in a well heated sunflower oil until golden brown. 4. Serve [Continue]



  Ingredients: wheat flour 4.5 cups eggs 3 pieces sugar 5/1 cup butter 150 grams honey 3 Art. spoons baking soda 1 h. a spoon wine vinegar 1/2 hours. spoons salt 1 pinch jam to taste → jam or syrup to taste   Cooking method: 1. Eggs mixed with sugar, add chopped into small pieces [Continue]

Satsivi on – Kolkh


  Ingredients: turkey 1 piece onion 500 grams walnuts 800 grams Garlic 5-6 cloves coriander seeds 2.5 hours. spoons saffron Imereti 2 hours. spoons utsho seasoning suneli 2 hours. spoons cloves to taste cinnamon taste white wine vinegar 1 st. a spoon ground red pepper 1/2 hours. spoons salt to taste   Rinse turkey, cut [Continue]

Jam made from oranges


  Ingredients: oranges 1 kilo water 2 cups sugar 1 kilogram   Cooking method: 1. Oranges peeled, cut into slices, removing seeds. Juice. released during cutting, save. 2. In the boiling water, add sugar, dissolve it, boil the syrup for 2 minutes, then drain. The syrup cool. 3. Prepared oranges with juice pour the syrup, [Continue]

Buglama Chicken with green beans


  Ingredients: hen 1 kilo tomatoes 500 grams beans green beans 300 grams onion 3 head melted butter 2 Art. spoons coriander 50 grams parsley 5-6 sprigs basil 5-6 sprigs Savory 3-4 sprigs burning green pepper 1 piece salt to taste   Rinse the chicken, cut into small pieces, add water so that it only [Continue]