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Red mullet in corn flour


  Ingredients: red mullet 1 kilogram corn flour 4 Art. spoons sunflower oil 4 Art. spoons lemon 1 piece salt to taste   Cooking method: 1. mullet clean, gut, wash. 2. Corn flour salt the, breaded fish whole in it. 3. Fry the fish in a well heated sunflower oil until golden brown. 4. Serve [Continue]

Fish with peppers and aubergines

  Ingredients: fish 1 kilo sweet pepper 2 pieces eggplant 1 piece onions 2 heads sunflower oil 1 cup cilantro 3-4 sprigs dill 3-4 sprigs parsley 3-4 sprigs dry white wine 1 cup salt to taste ground black pepper to taste   The fish gut, clean of scales, wash, then cut into portions. Sweet peppers, [Continue]

Cod fillet in wine sauce

  Ingredients: cod fillets – 600 g red wine table – 300 g of walnuts peeled – 100 g Garlic – 2-3 cloves of celery – 3 sprigs coriander 3 sprigs salt ground pepper   Cooking method: Prepared fillets cut into portions, place in a saucepan, sprinkle with chopped onions and herbs, salt, pepper, pour [Continue]

Chakhokhbili Salmon

  Ingredients: salmon fillet 600 grams tomatoes 300 grams onion 3 head tomato paste 3 Art. spoons lemons 1/2 pieces vegetable oil 100 grams parsley 8 sprigs coriander to taste salt to taste ground pepper to taste   Cooking method: Onions cut into cubes, sauté in the oil part. Salmon fillet cut into medium cubes, [Continue]

Fried sturgeon under tomato sauce with wine

  Ingredients: sturgeon (fillet) – 600 g tomatoes – 200 g onions – 3 heads of garlic – 2 cloves pepper green hot – 1-2 pod dry white wine – 100 g of vegetable oil – 100 g of tomato paste – 3 tbsp. tablespoons parsley – 5 sprigs of black pepper salt   Cooking [Continue]

Skewers of fish

  Ingredients: Sturgeon 1 kilogram onion 3-4 head lemon 1 piece herbs to taste salt to taste ground pepper to taste   Cooking method: Sturgeon treat, wash and cut pieces weighing 30-40 g Sprinkle fish with salt and pepper, add the chopped onion, thinly sliced lemon and put on 40 minutes in the cold for [Continue]

Fish “Kindzmari” sauce

  About the recipe: The name of the sauce is translated from Georgian as “cilantro vinegar.” Sauce This versatile – it can be supplied with absolutely any boiled and fried fish.   Ingredients: white fish 1 kilo bay leaf 1 piece allspice 2-3 pea cilantro 100-150 grams white wine vinegar 50 grams ground black pepper [Continue]

Baked tsotshali

  About the recipe: The most favorite fish in Georgia can be called brown trout. Translated tsotshali means “living”. But in Georgia tsotshali – rather, it is not a special kind of trout, and the method of its preparation. First, immediately after the catch trout jammed, preventing her from falling asleep. Secondly, the cooking of [Continue]

Fish Oriental

  Ingredients: ginger powder – 1/2 tsp. ketchup – 3 tbsp. spoon orange – 1 pc. lemon juice – 2 tbsp. spoons of sea fish fillets (pollock, hake, cod) – 450 g of salt – to taste   Cooking method: The fish is cut into portions, orange peel and cut into slices. Ingredients serves to [Continue]

Carp on the Balaton

  Ingredients: Carp 2 pieces onions 2 pieces dill 1 beam mayonnaise 100 grams salt to taste black pepper to taste spices for fish 10 grams   Karpov clean, gut, wash.   Onions cut into rings.   Onion salt. Mix with chopped dill.   The fish with salt and pepper, sprinkle with seasoning to the [Continue]