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Bread pudding with custard, banana and nuts

Ingredients: Milk 500 ml eggs 4 pieces sugar 1 cup flour 100 grams vanilla sugar 1 st. a spoon butter 20 grams cocoa powder 2 Art. spoons white bread 1 piece bananas to taste walnuts 8 grams   Bread pudding with custard, banana and nuts delicious and aromatic dessert. Prepare the bread pudding is easy [Continue]

English sandwich with egg

  Ingredients: loaf of toast 2 pieces mayonnaise 1 st. a spoon cucumbers 1/3 pieces arugula 1 handful boiled egg 1 piece salt to taste freshly ground black pepper to taste   Cucumber cut into thin circles   Boiled eggs finely chopped   Chunks of bread with mayonnaise NB! It can be a little dry [Continue]

Cherry-banana milkshake

Ingredients: cherry 100 grams milk 200 ml Bananas 2 pieces   In order to prepare a milkshake, we need tasty, ripe and fragrant cherry. Now the season of cherries and it is not difficult to find. To begin prepare berry: swill and get rid of the seeds. This can be done by conventional pins. The [Continue]

Berry crumble

Ingredients: Wheat flour 250 grams sugar 300 grams butter 150 grams cherry pitted 250 grams fresh strawberries 250 grams   Cooking method: I want to recommend to you, my friends, this wonderful, delicious berry dessert – a great delicacy of English cuisine. The easiest way to prepare, for -moemu, there is nothing, but it is [Continue]

Orange pudding

  Ingredients: semolina 3 Art. spoons milk 1 cup oranges 1 piece salt to taste sugar to taste mint leaves to taste   This wonderful, light, vitamin dessert is very popular with the children, so we have the opportunity for 20 minutes to give children a little holiday – orange pudding Orange wash, clean, disassemble [Continue]

Lemon Kurd – a recipe from the Faith

  Ingredients: lemon juice 3 pieces lemon peel 1 st. a spoon sugar 150 grams eggs 3 pieces butter 100 grams   Method of preparation In a small saucepan, combine the lemon juice, lemon zest, sugar, eggs and butter. Simmer, stirring to until the surface will not remain on the grooves and the corolla first [Continue]

Chocolate pudding “Tenderness night”

  Ingredients: Milk 550 ml sugar 150 grams corn starch 60 grams cocoa powder 60 grams butter 100 grams dark chocolate 100 grams Vanilla essence 1 h. a spoon G rose 0.5 h. spoons   Pudding – a classic English dessert. Puddings prepared initially on the basis of flour or bread and baked them in [Continue]

Orange and apple crumble with dried apricots

  Ingredients: oranges 1 piece apples 3 pieces dried apricots 1 handful cognac 50 ml butter 2 hours. spoons butter 2 Art. spoons Powdered cinnamon 0.5 hours. spoons oat flakes 3 Art. spoons wheat flour 3 Art. spoons Sugar 1.5 Art. spoons brown sugar 2 Art. spoons orange zest 1 h. a spoon Ice Cream [Continue]

Dessert “Banoffi”

Ingredients: shortbread biscuits 6 pieces butter 25 grams Bananas 2 pieces Condensed milk cooked 5 Art. spoons lemons 1/2 part chocolate milk 1 tiles cream 1/2 cup   Biscuits put in the bag and crush with a rolling pin, then mix with sliv.maslom.Banany chop and mix with lemon juice and whisk in sguschenkoy.Slivki penu.Polozhit on [Continue]

Granola with coconut and sunflower seeds

  Ingredients: oat flakes 2 cups liquid honey 3 Art. spoons olive oil 1 st. a spoon Dried coconut 25 grams raisins 1/3 cup sesame seeds 2 Art. spoons sunflower seeds 3 Art. spoons Pumpkin seeds 3 Art. spoons sea ​​salt 1 pinch   1. Honey and olive oil in a saucepan and pour a [Continue]