Category: Cold starters with meat

Satsivi on – Kolkh


  Ingredients: turkey 1 piece onion 500 grams walnuts 800 grams Garlic 5-6 cloves coriander seeds 2.5 hours. spoons saffron Imereti 2 hours. spoons utsho seasoning suneli 2 hours. spoons cloves to taste cinnamon taste white wine vinegar 1 st. a spoon ground red pepper 1/2 hours. spoons salt to taste   Rinse turkey, cut [Continue]

Roll of duck with walnuts

  Ingredients: Duck 1 piece prunes 200 grams chopped walnuts 100 grams ground nutmeg to taste ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Prunes rasparte skip through a meat grinder with nuts.   Duck skin lay on the board evenly on her flesh, salt and pepper, sprinkle with nutmeg.   On top lay [Continue]

Meatloaf in Armenian

Ingredients: beef – 600 g Eggs – 4 pcs. fat of sheep – 80 g garlic – 4 cloves tomato paste – 2 tbsp. spoon black pepper and red pepper – 1 pinch of parsley – 1 bunch butter for greasing salt to taste   Cooking method: Beef clean from tendons and fat beat with [Continue]

Chops in fruit jelly

Ingredients: pork 700 grams butter 1 st. a spoon gelatin 1 st. a spoon olives 2 Art. spoons gherkins 4 Art. spoons salt to taste orange juice 700 milliliters   Cooking method: Meat cut into plates, repelling and fry on both sides. Soak gelatin in the cold water, then melt in a water bath. Juice [Continue]

Smoked ham in Louisiana

Ingredients: pulp of pork (ham) – 2.25 kg * mixture for salting meat – 450 g white pepper powder – 30 g of cayenne pepper – 15 g marjoram dried – 6 g allspice – 24 g   Cooking method: Leg cut into five pieces flat. Sugar, mix with salt and pink salt, pour in [Continue]