Category: Cold Appetizers with fish

Herring in Balaton

  Ingredients: Herring salted 1 piece canned green peas 2 Art. spoons mayonnaise 2 Art. spoons sour cream 1 st. a spoon mustard 1 h. a spoon chopped parsley 1 st. a spoon sugar to taste salt to taste   Herring to cut into fillets, brush them with mustard.   Herring roll rolls.   Rolls [Continue]

Herring in Budapest

  Ingredients: salted herring 400 grams canned green peas 100 grams mayonnaise 150 grams peppers canned 50 grams onion 1 head wine 70 grams sour cream 100 grams lemon juice 1/2 pieces Mustard finished 15 grams parsley to taste   Cooking method: Boneless herring fillet with mustard grease, roll roll, put in a deep dish. [Continue]


Ingredients: Fish 1/2 kilogram chopped walnuts 150 grams onion 1 piece salt to taste pepper to taste   Cooking method: The fish is cleaned, salt, pepper, then cook the stuffing: peeled walnuts mince. Then, three grated onion, squeeze through cheesecloth, add to the nuts, salt, pepper and stuffed with fish. Cook in the oven preferably [Continue]