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Coffee with milk

Ingredients: coffee 2 cups milk 2 cups sugar to taste   Cooking method: Part of coffee to pour into the mold for ice and freeze food. The remaining coffee to whip in a blender with milk and sugar. Before serving, pour the creamed mixture into a tall glass, put the cubes iced coffee and place [Continue]

Black tea with milk

  Ingredients: black tea to taste milk to taste   Brew black tea, for this use your favorite brand of tea and hot water from 90 to 100 degrees, brew 4-7 minutes. In a cup pour milk (about a quarter of a cup) and then pour it has to brew black tea. Black tea with [Continue]

Coffee on the Australian way

Ingredients: ground coffee – 2 tbsp. spoons of water – 300 grams of orange peel – 2 strips (7 * 1 cm), lemon peel – 2 strips (2 * 1 cm) Carnation – 2-4 bud sugar   Cooking method: 1. At the bottom of the jug drip coffeemakers lay zest of orange, lemon and cloves [Continue]