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Funny peppers

  Ingredients: sweet red pepper 1 kilogram Powdered paprika 30 grams mayonnaise 100 grams dill 50 grams salt to taste fat cottage cheese 0.5 kgs   Red sweet pepper wash. Drain on paper towel. Cut popolam.Vynut seeds. Cottage cheese whip on the blender. Add salt, ground paprika, mayonnaise .Tschatelno mix. Prepared pepper stuff with cheese [Continue]

Quick Bulgarian vegetable soup

  Ingredients: eggplant 1 piece sweet pepper 2 pieces carrot 1 piece onion 1 piece garlic 2 cloves oregano taste parsley to taste basil to taste salt to taste prirava spicy curry to taste grated hard cheese 100 grams butter 60 grams egg 1 piece wheat flour 80 grams chicken fillet 200 grams   If [Continue]

Potatoes in Bulgarian

  Ingredients: cottage cheese 500 grams potatoes 300 grams natural yoghurt 250 milliliters butter 100 grams eggs 2 pieces   Cottage cheese, softened butter, salt, pepper, whisk until smooth. If the cheese is dense, it must first be rubbed through a sieve. Peel the potatoes, cut into thin slices.   Put layers in a greased [Continue]

“Bulgarian gyuvech”

  Ingredients: onion 3 pieces sweet pepper 400 grams tomatoes 120 grams Cheese 120 grams sour cream 250 grams eggs 2 pieces wheat flour 30 grams chopped parsley 2-3 Art. spoons vegetable oil 50 ml salt to taste ground black pepper to taste   Cooking method: Chop onion and fry in oil until translucent, add [Continue]

Pancakes with chicken and mushrooms

  Ingredients: flour 2 cups eggs 3 pieces milk 3 cups salt 0.5 hours. spoons butter 100 grams chicken breast 1 piece fresh mushrooms 500 grams onion 1-2 pieces carrot 1 gram vegetable oil 100 grams   First prepare the stuffing for our pancakes. Chicken breast boil and allowed to cool in the broth. Onions [Continue]

Balkan salad

  Ingredients: tomatoes 6 pieces cheese 100 grams red onion 1 head boiled egg 1 piece olives, pitted 20 pieces garlic 1 clove For the sauce: Melissa 2-3 leaf mint 2-3 leaf lemon juice 1 st. a spoon white wine vinegar 2 Art. spoons olive oil 5 Art. spoons ground white pepper to taste sea [Continue]

Peppers stuffed with vegetables (7)

  Ingredients: sweet red pepper 12 pieces onion 1 head carrots 6 pieces garlic 1 head Figure 1 cup parsley 1 beam olive oil 1/2 cup ground black pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: In peppers, cut the stalk, remove seeds and partitions. To mince the onion finely chop the garlic coarsely [Continue]

Yahniya of beef (2)

  Ingredients: Beef pulp 400 grams vegetable oil 20 grams onion 1 head wheat flour 10 grams dry red wine 40 grams tomato puree 10 grams onions 30 grams garlic 4 cloves bay leaf 1 piece black pepper peas 5 pieces ground red pepper to taste salt to taste   Cooking method: Beef cut into [Continue]

“Kebabcheta” (2)

  Ingredients: Beef pulp 350 grams → or veal pulp 350 grams flesh of mutton 350 grams pulp of pork 300 grams onion 1 head cumin seeds 1/2 hours. spoons salt to taste   Cooking method: The meat cut into pieces weighing 50 grams, salt and mix. Pass the meat through a meat grinder with [Continue]

Apples in Bulgarian

  Ingredients: large apples -. 6 pieces vanilla cream (. See recipe “Vanilla cream” ) – 200 g Nuts crushed – 30g almonds – 30g raisins – 30 g butter – 60 g of red wine – 375 g biscuits soft – 6 pcs. Jam currant – 1 tbsp. tablespoon lemon juice   Cooking method: [Continue]