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Cutlets with potatoes and meat

  Ingredients: Potatoes 8 pieces pork 500 grams onion 1 piece egg 1 piece milk 100 g butter 50 grams vegetable oil 100 grams salt to taste pepper to taste Wheat flour 100 grams   Cooking method: The Ukrainian cuisine such “chops” called Kartofelnikov, and in Belarus – “patties”, but they are the one – [Continue]

“Zrazy” on Belarusian

  Ingredients: mushrooms 500 grams boiled eggs 3 pieces onion 1 piece sour cream 150 grams Potatoes 800 grams boiled rice 0.5 cup Wheat flour 5 Art. spoons salt to taste pepper to taste vegetable oil 100 grams   Cooking method: First, prepare the filling: finely chop mushrooms and fry in vegetable oil with onions. [Continue]

Pancakes stuffed with pork

  Ingredients: Potatoes 800 grams minced pork 300 grams onion 1 piece egg 1 piece salt to taste freshly ground black pepper to taste vegetable oil to taste sour taste   In the beef add the finely chopped onion, salt, pepper, egg and well mixed.   Peel the potatoes and grate on a fine grater [Continue]

Salad “Pavlinka”

  Ingredients: chicken fillet cooked 2 pieces apples 1 piece boiled eggs 3 pieces hard cheese 120 grams boiled carrots 2 pieces mayonnaise taste   Cooking method:   Boiled chicken and a large solid juicy apple sour, peeled, cut into thin strips.   On the dish ring set for cake and put the chicken first [Continue]

Machanka with pancakes

  Ingredients: pork ribs 600 grams → or sausages for roasting 6 pieces onion 1 piece carrots 0.5 pieces ground cumin 0.5 hours. spoons freshly ground black pepper to taste bay leaves 2 pieces wheat flour 11 Art. spoons water 2 liters eggs 2 pieces Kefir 0.5 liters → yogurt or 0.5 liters → or [Continue]

Summer cherry pie

  Ingredients: cherry 500 grams butter 170 grams powdered sugar 160 grams Wheat flour 170 grams eggs 3 pieces salt 1 pinch   Cooking method:   From cherries remove seeds.   Rub the oil and half of caster sugar and egg yolks.   Gently interfere. It turns out this yolk mixture.   Protein whisk in [Continue]

Friedge Belarus

  Ingredients: cucumbers 1 piece green onion 2 pen boiled egg 1 piece beets boiled 1 piece water 250 ml yogurt 250 milliliters vinegar to taste salt to taste sugar to taste sour taste dill to taste   Grated boiled beet put in boiling water, add vinegar, salt, sugar to taste, and the resulting broth [Continue]

Grandmother jelly

  Ingredients: fetlock joint of beef 0.5 pieces pork legs 2 pieces pig ears 1-2 pieces shin of beef 750 grams onion 1 piece carrot 1 piece pepper black pepper to taste allspice to taste bay leaves 2-3 pieces salt to taste minced garlic to taste   Fetlock joint, pig’s trotters and ears cleaned and [Continue]

Roasted barley and pork in the pot

  Ingredients: pearl barley 200 grams meat 250 grams pumpkin 200 grams parsley 1 beam salt 3 grams black pepper 1 pinch garlic 2 cloves   Cooking method: 1Preparation of meals recipe – Roasted barley and pork in the pot. Step 1 Pearl barley pre-rinse and soak for 2-3 hours. 2Preparation of meals recipe – [Continue]

Buckwheat with mushrooms in a pot

  Ingredients: mushrooms 400 grams buckwheat 200 grams carrots 3 pieces vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons salt 1 pinch ground black pepper 1 st. a spoon   Cooking method: 1Cooking food by prescription – Buckwheat with mushrooms in a pot. Step 1 Mushrooms better forest white, clean, wash and boil 40 minutes. I had the [Continue]