Category: Alcoholic Cocktails

Cocktail with mint and chocolate liqueur

Ingredients: vodka – 1 1/2 cups of liquor chocolate – 2 cups of cream whipped – 1 cup mint chopped – 2 tbsp. spoons   Cooking method: All components of the Beat with ice and serve immediately to the table.

Batida with coconut milk

Ingredients: coconut milk 2/3 cup condensed milk 2/3 cup water 1/2 cup Vodka 2 Art. spoons   Cooking method: All components of the whip in the mixer. Serve cold.

Batida with grapes

Ingredients: dry vermouth, white, chilled – 2 cup of condensed milk – 1 2/3 cups of grape juice, chilled – 2 cups grape – gleanings   Cooking method: Vermouth, condensed milk and grape juice Beat in a blender. When a draw grapes.

Batida with strawberries

Ingredients: Concentrated milk – 2/3 cup strawberry, washed and chopped – 1 cup cream whipped – 2 tbsp. tablespoons rum – 2 cups ice cubes   Cooking method: All components of the whip in the mixer. Serve in glasses, the edges of which are covered with powdered sugar.

Batida with peanuts

Ingredients: Concentrated milk – 2/3 cup vodka – 1 cup peanuts peeled, roasted and ground – 1 cup of ice – 4 dice   Cooking method: All the components in a mixer whip for 30 seconds.

Cocktail “Bellamy”

Ingredients: strong black coffee – 100 ml vanilla sugar -. 1 teaspoon amaretto – 1 tbsp. teaspoon cinnamon – 1 stick cayenne pepper – pinch of cream – 50 g of cream whipped – 2 tbsp. Spoon chocolate grated – 1 tsp. mint leaves if desired   Cooking method: In the finished coffee add sugar, [Continue]

Cocktail Crocodile

  Ingredients: orange juice 60 ml cherry 8 grams lime 10 grams peach juice 60 ml blue curacao 20 ml absinthe 20 ml   Cooking method: Cocktail – crocodile cooked very simply, drink recipe is as follows: In a shaker with ice, shake up everything, pour into a glass and garnish with lime cherry. Cocktail [Continue]

Linchburgsky Lemonade

  Ingredients: whiskey 40 ml orange liqueur 20 ml lemon juice 10 ml Sprite 100 milliliters sugar to taste lemon to taste ice taste   In a tall glass, add the cubes to drink lda.Naleyte whiskey, liqueur, juice and sprayt.Po request sahar.Peremeshayte add all the ingredients with a spoon and garnish with a slice of [Continue]

Cocktail “Apple Martini”

  Ingredients: Vodka 35 ml Martini 1 st. a spoon apples 1 clove   Cooking method: In a shaker with ice, pour all the ingredients. Shake well and pour into a cocktail glass (Martinka). Garnish with a slice of apple.

Cocktail “America’s Cup”

  Ingredients: orange juice 3 parts pineapple juice 3 parts Galliano 1 part Bacardi Light 1 piece Southern Comfort 2 parts   Cooking method: The ingredients are mixed in a shaker and pour into a glass.