Veggie burger





buns 4 pcs
boiled potatoes 4 pieces
vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons
grain mustard 1/2 hours. spoons
chili 1 pod
chopped cilantro 2 Art. spoons
lettuce leaves 4 pieces
tomatoes 2 pieces
salt to taste
For the chutney:
peanuts 2 Art. spoons
sesame seeds 1 st. a spoon
coconut 1 st. a spoon
chili 3 pod
For the batter:
Wheat flour 100 grams
coriander seeds 2 Art. spoons
vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons
water to taste
salt to taste


For the chutney peanut fry until light brown, season with salt and add the chopped chilli, sesame seeds and coconut. A little air dry in a pan and grind blender.


For the batter mix flour, coriander seeds, salt and gradually add water, kneading the dough until consistency of sour cream.


Mix the chopped potatoes, mustard seeds, vegetable oil, chopped chilli and coriander.


Sformuyte patties, dip them in batter and fry until cooked in vegetable oil.


Cut the buns for hamburgers in half horizontally. Spread bottom of each muffin with peanut chutney Lay potato patty, cover it with lettuce, tomato slices and top half buns.

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