The recipe of delicious fish cake


Smoked salmon 250 grams
green onion 2 hours. spoons
capers 1 h. a spoon
lemon juice 1 st. a spoon
cucumber 1 piece
rye bread 1 bud
cheese curd 350 grams
Sour cream 20% -s’ fat 100 grams
Dill 1 Art. a spoon
salt to taste
pepper to taste


Using a blender or mixer mix well together cream cheese and sour cream until smooth.
We grind and capers with lemon juice, dill and spices add them to the mixture with cheese and sour cream.
From bread to cut cake (if any) and put the pieces one after the other so as to obtain a rectangular substrate.
Thinly spread bread cheese mixture and top with thinly sliced pieces of cucumber and salmon slices.
Repeat the layers to each other so many times, how much you will miss the ingredients.
When the entire structure of fish cake is ready, you need to coat the entire surface of the cottage cheese and sour cream mixture, put on the perimeter of cucumber slices and garnish with flowers of salmon and dill.
Before serving, fish cake on the table, I recommend to hold it in the refrigerator a couple of hours, so it is well soaked and become even tastier.

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