Sweet pepper in oil (in Bulgarian)





sweet pepper 2.5 kilograms
water 0.5 liters
5% vinegar 200 grams
vegetable oil 250 grams
sugar 100 g
parsley root 1 piece
garlic 1 head
salt to taste


Cooking method:

Pepper Fruits are washed, cleaned of seeds, parsley root is cleaned and cut into slices. Garlic cloves on dismantled. For the marinade in water dissolved salt, sugar, add the vinegar and oil.
Pepper, garlic and parsley laid on banks. Pour the hot marinade; cover lids, are sterilized (liter jars – 15 min) sealed and cooled. The taste of a workpiece can be changed using a flavored or fruit vinegar, spices, aromatic herbs and scented oil.

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