Suluguni fried




About the recipe:

Suluguni – the most famous view of Georgian cheese. The origin of the name, and he is obliged to Polovtsy, the language of which “sulug” means “thin threads”. Suluguni has a unique flavor, it is used in its natural form or in molten (or at Gomi mchadi). It is also dried, fried, smoked and baked. We fried in a pan or on a grill suluguni appears golden crust and tangy taste somewhat mitigated.



suluguni 1 head
wheat flour 1 st. a spoon
butter 2 Art. spoons
parsley 4 sprigs



The head cheese cut into four parts.


Every part of breaded in flour.


Cheese fry on both sides in hot butter until golden brown. Serve immediately, having issued the leaves of parsley.

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