Stamp classic

About the recipe:

Stamp Classic will warm you in cold weather and will help lift your mood. The word “punch” comes from the ancient Indian “Punch” which means “five”. Originally supposed to prepare the punch of five components: wine, rum, fruit juice, sugar or honey and spices. Over time, a host of its various recipes, which used a variety of ingredients.
Hot punch served at 65º C. Preheat wine above 80º C can not be, as this worsens the flavor and reduces the fortress.



tea 1 liter
lemon 1 piece
sugar 300 grams
rom 1.5 cups
vanilla sugar 1
egg yolks 5 pieces


Cooking method:

1. At tea, add vanilla sugar and sliced ​​lemon with crusts, cover bowl with a lid and bring everything to a boil.

2. whisk egg yolks with sugar, then pour in, with constant stirring, hot tea. Boil the mixture for a couple until thick. Then the mixture cool slightly and pour, stirring, rum.
3. Serve hot toddy.

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