Soup with fresh cabbage





cauliflower 300 grams
chicken broth 400 grams
wheat flour 1 st. a spoon
butter 40 grams
milk 150 grams
egg yolks 1 piece
salt to taste


Cooking method:

Cauliflower florets to disassemble, pour broth and boil. Clean the cabbage with the broth through a sieve.
Dry the flour without changing the color, slightly cool, dissolve in 100 g of hot milk and bring to a boil. The prepared sauce mix with grated cabbage and simmer for 5-7 minutes.

For lezone lightly whisk the egg yolk with the remaining milk and cook in a water bath until thick.

Soup cool slightly, tuck lezone and butter.

Before serving soup Arrange cooked broccoli.

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