Sote Eggplant (2)


eggplant to taste
pepper to taste
onion to taste
garlic taste
fresh tomatoes to taste
potatoes to taste
parsley to taste
dill to taste
celery root to taste
spices to taste


Cooking method:

At 2-4 servings take 2-3 medium eggplant (if not wrinkled, the skin can not be removed), peel, cut into cubes. Fry on olives. oil, recline in others. utensils. Just fry the diced potatoes with onion and garlic, lightly fry separately chopped bell pepper and celery root. Soak tomatoes in boiling water, peel the rind. Mash or chop – on request. Then in a frying pan with olives. oil with crushed garlic and spices (.. cumin, coriander, black pepper pepper, ground black pepper, paprika minced, oregano, dried basil, Tabasco sauce, you can add univers mixture of spices -. to taste). Pour sauce cooked vegetable mixture in a saucepan and simmer over low heat, covered until tender. For thrills, you can drop of vinegar (optional). When serving sprinkle with fresh herbs (if you have fresh basil – the most it!), And then – enjoy!

The dish turns out very satisfying, although 100% vegetarian, very tasty and edible, even in the cold.

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