Signature salad and chips




About the recipe:

Chips – thin, deep fried potato slices – have long since found his many admirers. And every day there are new people and new recipes using this snack.
We offer you the recipe of our corporate salad and chips. It consists in addition of crispy potato slices includes tomatoes, crab meat, boiled eggs and grated cheese. We wish you a pleasant tasting!



chips 100 grams
tomatoes 4 pieces
crab meat 250 grams
boiled eggs 4 pieces
mayonnaise 250 grams
grated hard cheese 40 grams



Chips with taste of sour cream and onion coarsely chop with a knife or mangled pieces.


Tomatoes, remove seeds, cut into small cubes.

Crab meat cut into cubes.


Eggs grate or mash with a fork.

Prepared salad ingredients in a salad bowl stacked layers in the following order, smearing each layer of mayonnaise: potato chips, tomato, crab meat, eggs.

When serving, sprinkle the salad with grated cheese and decorate with greenery.

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