walnuts 50 grams
hazelnuts 50 grams
pistachio 50 grams
butter 100 grams
condensed milk 500 milliliters
sugar 250 grams


1) In the frying pan, without oil, slightly fry the peeled nuts. Then ostudit.Kogda nuts have cooled, they should, as much as possible to clear of a peel and a little chop. 2) In a saucepan with a thick bottom pour 125 gr. sugar, pour the condensed milk and add butter. Put the pan on the fire, stirring continuously bring the mixture to light that fire kipeniya.Posle reduce, stirring occasionally. Uvarov to light the darkening and thickening thickened mass, it will take about 40 minutes. Before the end of cooking, in a heated pan pour the remaining 125 grams. Peska.Postavit sugar over high heat. Once the sugar is transformed into syrup, immediately remove from heat.
3) Do not wait for the cooling of sugar syrup; the hot mass with condensed milk, thin stream pour the sugar syrup, mix thoroughly, remove from plity.Zatem put nuts. 4) pre-cooked form, greased with butter thickened shell out a lot of nuts. Cover with cling film and with a spatula gently compacted. Then sherbet cool to room temperature and put into a refrigerator for 6 hours, and preferably on the night prior to complete solidification. That’s all, sherbet at home ready!

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