Shawarma at home (2)





lavash Armenian thin 1 piece
pork roast to taste
beef to taste
chicken to taste
cucumbers to taste
fresh tomatoes to taste
carrots in Korean to taste
mayonnaise taste
sauce to taste
onion to taste
fresh cabbage to taste



Shawarma pork washed and cut into small pieces. Spread on the pan and fry until cooked, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Now prepare the other ingredients. Cut a very small greens, and onion and tomato – half rings. Cucumber cut into thin rings. A third of lavash grease with mayonnaise, but not too thick. Next, lay out all the ingredients. The first layer is the meat. Top Korean put carrots and then the chopped onion. After that comes a cucumber, cabbage and tomato. Pour sauce on top. The sauce can take anyone at their discretion. Wrap pita, tucking the edges. Now it is clear, at home to cook shawarma. This dish can fry in a pan warm up or using the microwave. It can take the nature as home cook Shawarma is very simple, and it does not take a lot of time. I do Shawarma from what is in the refrigerator, it is a diverse dish in which you can wrap up everything that came up with …

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