Sauerkraut in Armenian





beetroot – 1 kg

cherry leaves – 300-400 g
allspice – 7-8 peas
pepper bitter capsicum – 25 pcs.
roots (celery, parsley, cilantro with tops) – 1.5-2 kg of
carrots – 3.5 kg of
garlic – 1.1 kg of
cabbage – 60 kg
bay leaf – 10-15 pcs.
salt – 1.4 -1.6 kg of
cinnamon – 2 pieces


Cooking method:

To prepare 50 kg of sauerkraut
Purified from cabbage leaves coverslips, washed in running water and cut into 2-4 parts. Garlic cloves are divided into head and soaked in warm water for 1.5 hours and then purified. Carrots cleaned and cut into circles. Pepper is washed and removed the stalk. Roots peeled, washed, cut lengthwise into 2-4 pieces. The leaves are washed cherries. Beets are washed, cleaned and cut into thin slices. At the bottom of the barrel is placed cabbage and cherry leaves, then chopped cabbage tight rows. Between rows – equal parts garlic, roots, carrots mugs, beet plate pods hot pepper. The top layer is covered with vegetables cabbage leaves, and then the cloth, put on top load. After that, pour the cooled marinade over the vegetables for 4-5 cm above the level laid vegetables. 50 kg cabbage necessary to prepare 30 liters of the marinade. Water (about 29 l) was heated to reflux, add spices, cooled and poured marinade them filled keg. Within 5 days the barrel is kept at room temperature until fermentation starts, and then transferred to cold.

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