Salad with roast beef and mango





sirloin of beef 400 grams

Mango 1 piece
spinach 200 grams
chilli 1 piece
ginger root 3 cm
soy sauce 5 Art. spoons
sugar cane 1 h. a spoon
vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons
sesame oil 2 Art. spoons
turnips 1 piece



Make a marinade of soy sauce (3 tbsp. L.), Sesame (1 tbsp. L.) And vegetable oil (1 tbsp. L.), Ginger and black pepper. Marinate beef, sliced medallions. Part of the marinade, leave – of which we are going to do the sauce.


Sear the meat over high heat, and then cut into thin strips medallions. Along with the meat fry slices of turnip to caramel color.


Make the sauce: add the marinade cane sugar, ginger and a little water.


Peel the mango and remove the stone. Cut the fruit triangles.


Putting salad: mango, beef, spinach, turnips, sauce. Garnish with finely chopped hot pepper. Bon Appetit!

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