Salad “Pavlinka”

Salad Pavlinka

Salad Pavlinka



chicken fillet cooked 2 pieces
apples 1 piece
boiled eggs 3 pieces
hard cheese 120 grams
boiled carrots 2 pieces
mayonnaise taste


Cooking method:


Boiled chicken and a large solid juicy apple sour, peeled, cut into thin strips.


On the dish ring set for cake and put the chicken first layer, a thin layer of mayonnaise, and then put the apples again Apply a thin layer of mayonnaise.
The eggs chopped, put the third layer and spread with mayonnaise. The NB! Ring cake – not a prerequisite when assembling the salad;)


Grate the cheese on a coarse grater.
Put fourth layer, spread with mayonnaise.


Boiled carrots cut into cubes and arrange on top of salad.


Before serving, chill the salad in the refrigerator.



Salad can be submitted in portioned cups. In this case, all the ingredients cut into small cubes.

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