Salad “Gundel”





pickled mushrooms 150 grams

asparagus 200 grams
green beans 120 grams
cucumber 1 piece
sweet pepper 2 pieces
tomatoes 150 grams
vegetable oil 100 grams
lemon juice 5 grams
sugar 15 grams
ground black pepper to taste
salt to taste


Cooking method:

Mushrooms separate from fill, salt, pepper.
Beans and asparagus cut into pieces, and connect the boil.

Sweet pepper fry on the grill grate, remove its peel and remove the seeds, cut the flesh into cubes. Connect the prepared mushrooms, string beans, asparagus and pepper and stir.

Tomatoes notch, scald, remove them from the peel, flesh cut into slices.

Cucumber cut into slices, season with salt.

For the sauce, pour in oil 1/2 cup strained broth beans and asparagus, salt, pepper, add the lemon juice and stir.

When a place on the bottom of the salad bowl of cucumber slices and tomato slices, put on top of the salad and pour prepared sauce. Cool. When submitting Arrange greens.

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