pulp pork 1 kilo
onion 800 grams
cumin 1 st. a spoon
ground coriander 2 Art. spoons
ground black pepper 1 st. a spoon
salt 1 of Art. a spoon
fresh thyme 1 beam



Flesh of pork cut into pieces the size of a matchbox. The best meat for a barbecue – is meat from the ridge, as if the animal life, “work” that place the least.


Onions cut into half rings.


Sliced ​​onions generously with salt coarse salt and mash your hands well, that he generously gave juice.

The salty onion juice put down add 2 tbsp. l. ground coriander, 1 tbsp. l. ground cumin, 1 tbsp. l black pepper and with the meat thoroughly.


Leave the meat to marinate for 2 hours at room temperature.


Half an hour before the end of the marinating meat to prepare hot coals in the brazier.
Clearing the pieces of meat from the bow strung them on a skewer. (Luke quickly burns)


Fry the meat until tender, constantly turning the skewers. (Only the beginning shkvorchat meat and fat dripped pieces – it’s time to turn) until cooked meat is fried for about 15 minutes, if the heat is strong enough.


For 5-7 minutes until cooked on the coals to put a few sprigs of thyme. This will give the kebab is particularly spicy flavor and aroma.


Ready skewers serve on lettuce leaves or thin pita bread, garnish with greens.

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