Pilaf with beef




About the recipe:

Pilaf is probably the most famous dish, which is prepared with rice. His recipe appeared in India, where this food was served to the table only on holidays. In different countries it is called differently: fires, pilaf, pilaf, Palau, add various ingredients into it: meat, fish, poultry, vegetables, beans or peas, fruit. And we offer a recipe for a delicious pilaf beef with the addition of tomato puree, vegetables and spices.

Beef pulp 400 grams
Figure 140 grams
vegetable oil 4 Art. spoons
onion 1 piece
carrot 1 piece
tomato puree 1 st. a spoon
pomegranate seeds 3 Art. spoons
garlic 3 cloves
salt to taste


Cooking method:

1. The meat cut into pieces 20 g, salt and fry until golden brown, at the end add diced and fried in butter carrots and onions.
Meat and vegetables pour 1 cup water, add passaged tomato puree, Stir in the rice, season with salt and cook until soft. After the rice has absorbed all the liquid, place the peeled garlic, cover, place in the pan with water and place in the oven for 25 minutes. Stir.

When serving sprinkle with chopped greens and pomegranate seeds.

For 1 serving: Proteins – 17,2g; Fats -6,6g; Carbohydrates – 27,6g Energy value – 239 kcal

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