Pie “Gerbeaud”





flour 400 grams
margarine 200 grams
yeast 10 grams
baking powder for the dough 1/2 packs
vanilla sugar 1 st. a spoon
egg 1 piece
ground walnuts 150 grams
sugar 150 grams
Apricot jam to taste
chocolate milk to taste


Cooking method:

Old, kind, and probably the most popular and beloved Hungarian cake.

Knead the dough of medium consistency and divided into 3 parts. Every part of a rolling pin to roll into the reservoir the size of the pan and sprinkle with flour. One of the layers put in a baking tray, brush with jam and sprinkle with a mixture of nuts and sugar, cover the second reservoir, spread with jam, sprinkle with a mixture of nuts and sugar and cover the third formation. The dough with a filling put on proofing for 30 min., Then bake. The cooled cake covered with chocolate fudge, put in a cool place, and after a while the cut small pieces.

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