Pickled garlic “Royal” in Armenian

About the recipe:

Pickled garlic “Royal” in Armenian – delicious snack. Its preparation requires no special skills, you need only a little patience and desire. The variety of recipes for salting and pickling vegetables – a distinctive feature of Armenian cuisine. Hardly any other food can make it competitive on the part zogotovok. And now you have the opportunity to try the happy Armenian pickles. You will not regret it!



garlic 1 kilogram
juice of white grapes to taste
For the marinade:
Water 1 liter
salt 45 grams
sugar 45 grams
grape vinegar 100 grams
black pepper 8 peas
allspice 4 pea
Carnation 2 bud
partitions walnuts 3 pieces


Cooking method:

1. freshly dug garlic, not cutting off the roots and tops, put in a shady place and dry for 15 days.
2. After drying, cut the root socket (without damaging the lobules) and the tops, leaving the stem length in the thickness of the index finger.

3. Trained heads of garlic lay in a container (preferably oak), pour in the cold night of drinking unboiled water, cover with a clean cloth.

4. After one day, remove the heads of the top layer of husks and rinse each head in three portions of cold water.

5. tightly packed heads of garlic in a jar with a wide neck, where you’ll marinate them. Suit clay or glass containers.

6. Pour garlic cold brine (1 liter of water + 45 grams of salt), Fill the tank to the brim. Soak the garlic in the brine per day.

7. Every day change the brine by pouring the old and new flooding. Do this for 21 days.

8. On the 22nd day, drain the last time the brine, cover with cold garlic marinade (water with salt, sugar, wine vinegar and spices). Tie neck of the container with a clean cloth and soak the garlic in a room for 15 days.

9. After 15 days, pour the marinade into a separate bowl and put it in the cold for 7 days.

10. When will merge marinade, garlic, pour on 7 days a natural white grape juice.

11. After 7 days, drain the juice of the grape and then pour the garlic savings in the cold marinade.

12. After 5 days, pickled garlic “Royal” in Armenian can bring to the table.

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