Pancakes with chicken and mushrooms

Pancakes with chicken and mushrooms

Pancakes with chicken and mushrooms



flour 2 cups
eggs 3 pieces
milk 3 cups
salt 0.5 hours. spoons
butter 100 grams
chicken breast 1 piece
fresh mushrooms 500 grams
onion 1-2 pieces
carrot 1 gram
vegetable oil 100 grams


First prepare the stuffing for our pancakes. Chicken breast boil and allowed to cool in the broth. Onions cut into cubes, carrots, three on a grater and passeruem them until half. Adding to the vegetables chopped mushrooms and fry everything until cooked, add salt and pepper. Fillet disconnect from the bones, cut and add to the vegetable and mushroom mixture, stir, add 1-2 tbsp. tablespoons vegetable oil, tormented with a couple of minutes, remove from heat, cool for a bit and add a raw egg, stir. The filling is ready. And Now for cooking pancakes. For the dough, mix the eggs with the salt, the sugar, the milk, add the flour and mix thoroughly, to avoid lumps, then diluted with the remaining milk, pouring it slowly. If the lump is still not avoided, the dough can be passed through a sieve. Then fry the pancakes on the hot frying pan on both sides. Next farshiruem their filling, we turn envelopes and before serving fry a little vegetable oil to the filling inside again warmed since there is a raw egg, which serves to “bundle” and the richness of our “stuffing” and it is dogotovit. Serve our pancakes with sour cream. Bon appetit! And … time there!

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