Orange and apple crumble with dried apricots

Orange and apple crumble with dried apricots

Orange and apple crumble with dried apricots



oranges 1 piece
apples 3 pieces
dried apricots 1 handful
cognac 50 ml
butter 2 hours. spoons
butter 2 Art. spoons
Powdered cinnamon 0.5 hours. spoons
oat flakes 3 Art. spoons
wheat flour 3 Art. spoons
Sugar 1.5 Art. spoons
brown sugar 2 Art. spoons
orange zest 1 h. a spoon
Ice Cream 200 grams


Cooking method:


Crumble (English crumb crumble.) – An old-fashioned English dessert consisting of fruit or berry filling, coated with crispy flour crumbs.


I suggest to try the crumble of autumn apples and oranges and orange dried apricots give this dish a cheerful color and delicious flavor. Fruits should be washed thoroughly. Apples and apricots cut into small pieces.



In a frying pan pour the brandy, add the apples and 1.5 tablespoons Sahara. Add 2 tsp oil. Then a couple of minutes on the fire, add the apricots.


Orange clear from the film, cut into small pieces.


Send the rest of the orange fruit, along with 1 tsp peel. Sprinkle with cinnamon.
Fruits hold 3-5 minutes on the fire, they should thicken slightly and reduced in volume.


Put fruit in the form.


Mix the flour, oatmeal, 2 tbsp oil. Add brown sugar.


The resulting crumb sprinkle on fruit, send it in the oven 180-190 gr. for 15-20 minutes until golden brown. Remove the dessert on a towel. The photo shows a hot filling bubbling)


Orange and apple crumble with dried apricots ready!


The taste of the hot and warm with a scoop of ice cream.


This recipe came up with recently, I really wanted a sweet fruit cake, and mess around with the dough did not have time. A great solution in this case – crumble, done quickly, and a great result!



Little of this recipe is kept perfectly in the freezer and, if unexpected guests descended, can quickly feed them a delicious dessert. Very soon an option – fruit spread in a form without prior heat treatment, then the cooking time in the oven increases.

Another plus crumble – there is no exact proportions, they can vary in crumb Adds nuts, spices, honey, if there are no flakes, add more flour, etc. When preparing for children, alcohol or exclude replace juice.

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