Water 1 liter
bread 2-3 slices
eggs 4 pieces
tomato paste 2 Art. spoons
vegetable oil 1 st. a spoon
cumin 1 h. a spoon
garlic 2 cloves
dried mint 1/2 hours. spoons
salt 1/2 hours. spoons


Cooking method:

The paste was diluted with 2 cups of water, mixed with oil, add chopped garlic, salt, spices. Simmer the mixture on low heat for 10 minutes. Then pour the remaining water to boil.
Bread cut into strips, put in a bowl, soak a small amount of soup.

Pour the remaining portion of soup, break the eggs into it, cook until eggs cooked. Place the egg on top of the bread, and then pour the remaining soup.

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