milk 1-3 liters


Cooking method:

For matsun take home milk, heat it to a temperature of 92-95 ° C. Then Let cool to room temperature, natural cooling with the lid tightly closed. Then add a starter or with previous matsun or new: biokefir, Actimel, lactones. Cover the bowl with a lid matsun future, zamatyvaem warm clothes. Now the most difficult process, since it is necessary to sustain milk ferment for at least eight or nine hours in a warm place 🙂 This process leads to thickening, as sour milk protein environment simply curtailed. Finally, the last step in the preparation Matsuno – is racking serum. For pumping dense fabric is used, it is desirable – linen, canvas or calico possible. The fabric can be bleached, but unpainted. From fabrics can sew a bag, you can just put on the bottom and walls form or colander. If the fermented product a few liters and more, it is possible to perforate the old pot, and in it lay the matter. You can sew a big bag and put back on the inverted lid so that the whey dripped into a pan. Do not forget that the way out of the bunch, about 1/5 of the original yogurt. The rest is pure gorgeous serum with a greenish tinge, which is stored for a long time in the cold. Serum can and should drink water instead apply baking homemade bread, kvass or obtaining for hash. The resulting product is usually stored at room temperature or several days in the basement. Thus, the palatability was not changing. Worth a try matsun peretёrtym garlic! It is a treat for gourmets.

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