Chicken 1.5 kilograms
yogurt 1 liter
cream 0.5 liters
Figure 2 cup
parsley to taste
peanuts 0.5 cups
pita bread to taste
Curry 1.5 of Art. spoons
salt to taste


Cooking method:

Cut the meat into small pieces, wash, put in a saucepan and cover with water so that it covered the meat. Add salt and cook until tender meat.

Wash rice, pour in the dish, pour boiling water, cover.

While the stew broth in another saucepan mix the yogurt and sour cream, stirring constantly, cook over low heat. Once the cream with yogurt will start to boil, add to it a glass of broth already welded so that the mixture does not become too liquid, add 0.5 st. Curry spoon, cook over medium heat until boiling.

Peanuts roast.

For welded broth with meat add peanuts, rice, curries, stir. Put on a small fire. Cook until all the water boiling. If the water is boiled away and the rice is quite cooked, add a little water and cook until tender.

On a large tray lay pita on pita – Cook rice with meat, sprinkle with parsley. Broth of yogurt and sour cream pour into a few deep plates, apply to rice. The broth to pour in Fig.

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