Lamb baked in foil




About the recipe:

Lamb baked in foil with potatoes, spicy vegetables and herbs, it turns soft and delicious. Mouth-watering dishes of meat cooked in various countries around the world since ancient times. After all the sheep were domesticated much earlier than cows and pigs: according to legend, it happened in Central Asia about 10 thousand years ago. Somewhat later, the animals began to grow in China, India, and then in North Africa and in Europe. Now the lamb dishes are popular in many national kitchens. This meat, which is an excellent dietary product, and is recognized as the best “pure” many religions.



chops 6 units

onions 2 pieces
garlic 2 cloves
basil chopped 2 Art. spoons
parsley chopped 2 Art. spoons
boiled potatoes 3 pieces
vegetable oil 1 h. a spoon
butter 1 h. a spoon



Potatoes cut into slices. Mix the minced garlic, herbs, salt and pepper.


Chops fry in oil mixture until a brown crust.


Three large square of foil grease with oil. On foil lay a layer of potatoes on his two chops, then a layer of onions, sprinkle with a mixture of garlic, wrap the foil and bake in the oven until cooked.

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