“Kremesh” cake





puff pastry 1-1.5 kilograms
milk 1 liter
egg yolks 12 pieces
sugar 500 grams
flour 80 grams
vanilla sugar 1 sachet
butter 200 grams
powdered sugar to taste



Puff pastry into two equal parts and bake two sheets
Boil cream in a water bath: mix in a bowl the flour, sugar, vanilla sahar.Otdelno break the yolks in milk until smooth and slowly add to the flour, sugar and vanilla until cream saharu.Varim thickens, stirring constantly.
Ready to give the cream to cool down, so that was a little warm, and add the soft butter maslo.Horosho stir until smooth.


We spread the cream on the bottom sheet and the top sheet is cut into and spread on top (so it will be easier to cut more) .Posypaem powdered sugar.
Cake is ready for serving, it is not necessary to soak the cake.

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