Kharcho Georgian




About the recipe:

Soup Recipe kharcho Georgian known set. Usually it consists of beef, grated walnuts and tklapi – candy from tkemali or plum which is dried in the sun plates no more than 3 mm thick folded and stored in a tube. However, grub sometimes made from lamb and pork, and tklapi replace tomato paste, cherry plum, sour plum sauce or tkemali.



Figure 3 Art. spoons

onions 2 heads
garlic 2 cloves
tomato puree to taste
tkemali 1 st. a spoon
hops-suneli to taste
chopped cilantro 2 Art. spoons
Water 1 liter
ground black pepper to taste
vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons
breasts 400 grams
salt 1 pinch
bay leaf 1 piece


Cooking method:

Lamb or beef brisket chop with cartilage in the not large pieces, cover with cold water, bring to a boil, remove the foam, reduce heat to low and simmer for 2 hours. Figure rinse and pour 1 cup of cold water. Onion cut into small cubes, fry in butter along with the tomato puree. Garlic finely chop or grind in a mortar with salt.

In broth put prepared rice, fried onions and tomatoes, bring to the boil and simmer for 10 minutes.
At the end of the season with soup sauce tkemali, cilantro, minced garlic, hops-suneli, add the bay leaf, salt and pepper.

When serving you can add sour cream.

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