Khachapuri in Racinski





melted butter 300 grams
flour 0.5-1 glass


For the dough:

wheat flour 3 cups
sunflower oil 1 st. a spoon
egg 1 piece
vodka 1 st. a spoon
salt to taste


For filling:

Cheese 300 grams
egg 1 piece


Cooking method:

1. For the filling young salted cheese crumble or mash with a fork, add 1 egg, if necessary, salt and mix well. Leave to mature for 1 hour.

2. For the dough mix the remaining egg with sunflower oil, vodka and 1 glass of cold water. Add the flour and knead the dough.

3. Roll out the dough into a square in the middle of the indicated number of lay 1/3 of the cooled melted butter. The edges of the square to connect over the filling, zaschipnut. Square flip, roll. Repeat operation twice more, as necessary adding flour. In the process of rolling out juicy form do not change. The finished dough should not stick to hands. The dough is put in a bowl with a lid and place in a cool place for 2 hours.

4. Chilled dough roll out the layer, cut into squares measuring 10×10 cm. In the middle of each square put the filling. The corners of the square to connect tightly over filling.

5. Put khachapuri on a baking sheet and bake for 15-20 minutes at 210-220 ° C.

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