Kettle goulash (Bográcsgulyás)





Beef 600 grams
→ or lamb 600 grams
melted lard 2 Art. spoons
onions 2 pieces
fresh tomatoes 2 pieces
pepper 2 pieces
carrot 1 piece
parsley root 1 piece
potatoes 400 grams
Garlic 2-3 cloves
cumin 1 h. a spoon
Powdered paprika 2 hours. spoons
hot pepper to taste
freshly ground black pepper to taste
salt to taste
water to taste


Cooking method:




What do you cook on a picnic? Hungary and Transcarpathia brew cauldron goulash (soup or poloninsky) and certainly nothing else like it and cook the Czechs and Slovaks. And organize the competition in this regard, whose cauldron tastier! The meat is cut kubikami.V heated lard fried onion diced, add ground paprika and cumin, stir and add the meat, stew until polugotovnosti.Potom add sliced slices carrot, parsley root and stew together with meat.


Add diced tomatoes and pepper, mix with meat, topped up with a little water and continue to simmer.
When the meat is ready topped up with water and put the potatoes coarsely chopped, salt and cook. Another cauldron seasoned dumplings (traditional Hungarian, from Hungarian goulash soup only with dumplings) -Test knead the flour and eggs, from which a teaspoon of gaining little dumplings and drop into boiling seasoned sup.Nekotorye barley or beans is a matter of taste.


At the end of cooking, seasoned with grated garlic and freshly ground pepper.
Feeding on the table sprinkled with chopped greens, white bread and 100 grams

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