“Kebab” Azerbaijan





Lamb 2.5 kilograms
onion 1 head
onions 16 pieces
vegetable oil 2 Art. spoons
ground black pepper to taste
salt to taste
Garlic 16 items



Mutton (loin or brisket on the bone) cut into pieces with bones.


Salt and pepper.


Pieces of lamb drizzle with oil, sprinkle with finely chopped onions. Mix and marinate in the cold for 3 hours.


At a young green onions and garlic, cut greens, leaving the head with the white part (1-1.5 cm). Heads with a part cut the stem in half. Marinated pieces of meat lay on the grill and cook over hot coals, all the while turning. Next on the grill fry halves of heads of onions and garlic. Serve the kebabs with roasted onions and garlic, basil, cilantro, tarragon, onion greens and garlic.

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