Hungarian lecho (2)





sweet pepper 1 kilogram

onions 2 pieces
Fresh tomatoes 6 pieces
carrots 2 pieces
vegetable oil 100 grams
salt to taste
ground pepper to taste
sugar 1 st. a spoon
spice mix to taste



Bulgarian sweet pepper wash. It is advisable to choose a colorful red, green, yellow. This pepper will look bright in the bank.


Pepper cut in half, remove seeds, cut into slices about such.


Onions cleaned, cut into slices and fry in sunflower oil.


To add the onions cleaned, chopped semirings carrots.


To add the onions and carrots bell pepper, and salt.
Simmer 10 minutes.


Tomatoes peeled, chopped into cubes, add to the pepper .Add spices, black pepper, sugar, mix well.
Simmer until peppers done, about another 20 minutes. If necessary, the vegetable oil may be added.


Glass jars with soda wash, sterilize a pair.
Put in jars lecho, roll sterilized lid.
Hot banks hide blanket and leave until cool.
Let the hot summer, the closed banks will bring you pleasure winter cold.
Bon appetit!

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